Acoustic Desk Dividers

SANA Acoustic Desk Slider Divider Biscuit



Create temporary or permanent private work stations in open-plan work spaces with the SANA Slider. Much published evidence now suggests that open plan designs have a negative effect on people’s

concentration and creativity. Ambient noise negatively impacts employees productivity and health. Research is indicating that almost 2/3rds of employees make fewer mistakes in a quieter environment. That’s why acoustic solutions are important. Open plan workstations usually have a low height desktop screen. However, these mostly have a design aesthetic but do very little to dampen noise.

SANA Slider provides instant privacy while absorbing reverberation of sound. Simply slide the light weight panel onto the edge of the desk, no mounting or clamps needed, to create a focused and effective workspace. SANA Slider is the perfect, easy to fit, safer, quieter acoustic desk divider.


• Solid PET polyester panel with smooth edge finish

• No installation required, just slide on to desk edge

• Made from compressed 100% PET polyester fibre

• Available in two contemporary and versatile colours

• Durable make up for long-term performance

• Ideally suits 24mm thick desks

• Ideal for educational and commercial spaces

• Pinnable surface

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