Glassboard Accessories

Accessories for your Glassboard



Our Accessory Range will keep your Glassboard in the best condition for longer and easier use.

All Magnetic Accessories for Glassboards use ‘Rare Earth’ magnets, only suitable for Glassboards. Standard magnets that stick to you fridge for example will not adhere to a Glassboard.

Start with the Premium Starter Kit that contains the Cleaning Fluid, Eraser, Pen Cup, Cloth and and 6 Pack of Markers.

Choose the Individual components to keep your kit topped up, or simply purchase the individual components as you need:

Skittle Magnets Assorted 18 Pack

Round Magnets White Pack of 5

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Starter Kit, Premium Eraser, Premium Eraser Refill, Markers 6 Pack, Cloth, Magnets Button, Magnets Skittle, Cleaning Fluid, Pen Tray